Learn Spanish „with“ the coronavirus

Learn Spanish quickly while you stay at home! This two-language short bedtime story is easy to understand for beginners and can be read to kids. Just flip the pages and enjoy either the Spanish text or the English text. Several images bring extra fun and you can even colorize them. Get it on Amazon, just … Weiterlesen

red carpet preparation – Oscars 2019

Zimmermann walking on red carpet at the Oscars 2019. Link to video: https://youtu.be/hX6Fie6icOo P.S: Carsten-Pieter Zimmermann, aka Carson Peter Zimmerman speaking to the Oscar-winners in the interview room during the show, to Olivia Colman to Oscar for ‚Bohemian Rhapsody‘ to Oscar winners for ‚BlacKkKlansman‘

Oscars 2019 – countdown

If the Academy of Motion Picture and Arts invites you to join the Oscars show backstage, you’d better come.
Just landed and looking forward to experience a great night.

Amerika will groß bleiben

Von Carsten-Pieter Zimmermann Kann der amerikanische Traum die Bewohner der USA dauerhaft von innen- und außenpolitischen Konflikten ablenken? Nein, müsste nach einem Lokalaugenschein die Antwort lauten. Ganzen Artikel lesen …