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Für Medienvielfalt

Meine ehemalige Kollegin Liza Ulitzka hat den Sprung gewagt und ihr eigenes Printmedium ins Leben gerufen, ein Monatsmagazin namens „Die Krähe“: Ich hoffe, dass dies zu vielschichtigerer Information in Österreich beiträgt, wie es offenbar […] success

After more than 3 weeks of special live coverage on the war in Ukraine,, the tv channel of Kronen Zeitung, could gain many more viewers. Thus it will continue its strategy.

Carsten-Pieter Zimmermann is now working for Forbes magazine.

How to Make Money on youtube

This is for everyone out there, who has spare time, is in quarantine or wants to quit the job. With youtube you can earn annually $10 million and more, if you are patient and take […]

China power shortage

Due to higher industrial demand China is limiting the use of electricity. The people is partly requested to turn the heating to a maximum of 16 degrees Celsius and save power whenever possible. 

since September 2020

Zimmermann now hired as communications specialist by Österreichische Post AG.