How to Make Money on youtube

This is for everyone out there, who has spare time, is in quarantine or wants to quit the job.

With youtube you can earn annually $10 million and more, if you are patient and take care about your channel.

The main strategies are:

  1. Become a youtube partner, revenue through ads
  2. Sell a product
  3. Use youtube to crowdfund your project
  4. Get into funding through fans
  5. License your content
  6. Build partnerships with brands
  7. Become an influencer

Becoming a youtube partner is neither as easy as it sounds, nor do you have to be a genius. You need a minimum of subscribers and a certain amount of hours being watched on your channel. Youtube provides updates on its requirements. You can then join the YouTuber Partner Program in YouTube Studio/ Monetization.

Remember that your audience has to watch the ad in full for you to get paid.

Your revenue goes up if you use the channel to market your own product, or somebody else’s. This way you can become independent to youtube in the future by slowly attracting your audience to your own web page.

Funding is a another smart way to utilise video content. We all are used to watching ads, so why not advertise in your own interest?

If you are ready for licensing you are already more on a pro-level, but that is where the real money is. I guess you clicked this page unintentionally?

And last but definitely not least: If you want to take center stage then become an influencer, maybe partner with one or more brands, and enjoy the fame.

This was a brief introduction to the topic. The best way to start is to roll up your sleeves and jump right into it. Just to mention: If you make $1 million within two years you are doing really good. Be happy with few bucks in the next 3 months. We’ll keep you posted!

(Bild Dorothea Weissensteiner)